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Fredericksburg Frau 

Jams & Jellies


Introducing the Jam of the month for Fredericksburg Frau Jams, Jellies and Salsa. You will recieve a pint of your choice of a jam, jelly or salsa delivered monthly. This includes the shipping. A one time payment of $180.00 or monthly payments of $20.00 until you cancel.

Kathy's Corner

With 2020 gone, we are all beginning to learn to live again in a new world in 2021. One thing that has been on my mind, is the kindness and goodness that is shown to each other. We may have to look for it sometimes, but it is out there. It is bringing us back together as families, giving us time to sit around the table, with great conversation and a meal. One of my desires is to help provide the best products available to you. There are limitations within the Texas Cottage Law that we must follow. As much as I would love to share my home canned green beans, I cannot. They do not have a high enough acid level to safely waterbath. They need to be canned, under pressure, to prevent botulism. I know my pressure canned products are safe, but because we are looking at the whole and not just me, rules apply to keep consumers healthy. 

That being said, I can sell high acid products such as pickles and tomato products. I am building up my jar inventory so that I can sell you these products at a reasonable price. So keep watching....kat