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Fredericksburg Frau 

Jams & Jellies


Nothing speaks to me of spring than fresh berries. One of my favorite flavors is blackberry. My mom used to surprise us in the spring with hot blackberry cobbler and vanilla ice cream. The blackberries are enhanced with just a smidgen of vanilla to bring me back to my memories of Mom. 

Jam, Jelly or Salsa ‚Äčof the Month

Each month, a pint jar of jam, jelly or salsa will be mailed to your preferred shipping destination. This price includes your shipping. You can either have this shipped to one address or with 2 weeks notice, we can ship to another U.S. address. What a wonderful way to share our best products with those you love. Contact us today for more information. 

Yearly Subscription (Shipping included)
Monthly Subscription (Shipping included)